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↳ [7/10] gilmore girls 

Rory: If the house was burning down, what would you save first, the cake or me? Lorelai: Not fair! The cake doesn’t have legs!

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I’m sorry, moment to make fun of that please!

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I went to my best friend’s party last night and I danced with one of her friends whom I already knew but now he reminds me a lot of the teacher I have a huge crush on so I think my crush transferred onto him by association ha haha hah ah

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we’re the freakin’ guardians of the galaxy

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"I care about Red too."

"But she’s not your Mom. It’s different when you’re family."

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I already had a HUGE crush on my journalism teacher but after he made 2 feminist comments today I’m in love tbh

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100 favorite Doctor Who quotes [36/100] 
 →  It’s been good though, hasn’t it? All of us. All of it. Everything we did. You were brilliant.

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hermione in every movie | harry potter and the half blood prince

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